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Delivering the freshest most flavorful ales in the great “City of Thirsts”


Wildcat Wheat – An unfiltered light American Wheat beer, that has a light, sweet taste with a hint of fruitiness. The wheat adds a slightly earthy or grainy dimension to this crisp and refreshing brew.
ABV=4.5% O.G.=1.040 IBU=13

MILF-n-Honey Wheat Ale – A delicate and refreshing Honey Wheat ale, with a slight honey aroma and sweet honey flavor on top of a crisp and refreshing American Wheat Ale. This beer continues to grow in popularity!
Made with honey.
ABV=5.8% O.G.=1.055 IBU=15

Stoplight City Red – An Irish-Style Red Ale with a medium body and a dry finish. It is reddish in color and has a candy-like caramel sweetness that is balanced with the finest imported hops. A deliciously easy beer to drink!
ABV=5.7% O.G.=1.054 IBU=25

The Kokomonster –Be afraid! The Kokomonster is here! A strong ale that’s amber in color with a slightly sweet and malty flavor. It goes down smooth, but packs a powerful punch. This one weighs-in at a monstrous 8.0% ABV.
Made with Indiana honey.
ABV=8.0% O.G.=1.070 IBU=20

Moon Beam IPA – For the hopheads! A golden colored India Pale Ale, that starts with a citrus-like aroma from generous helpings of fresh hops, and the hop flavor carries right on through to the finish. A very dry but fruity and flavorful beer that will leave you wanting another!
ABV=6.6% O.G.=1.062 IBU=87

Hop Hugger IPA – This is the IPA you’ve all been waiting for! It has a silky smooth malty mouthfeel and scintillating aromas of the Citra hops you would only expect from a beer with a name like The Hop Hugger IPA. Come get you some!
ABV=7.1% O.G.=1.066 IBU=70

Cole Porter – A pleasantly roasty and smooth beer that is black in color. If you’re into bold flavors matched with outstanding drinkability, you’ll love its velvety goodness!
ABV=7.0% O.G.=1.066 IBU=30



Blackberry Slammer
The Blackberry Slammer is a light bodied beer for the end of summer, made with caramel malt and blackberries. The perfect beer to quench your thirst in the hot days of August. Grab some friends and share a slammer before the summer ends!
ABV=4.75%         IBU=13           O.G.=1.043
Tropical Milkshake I.P.A.  (Seasonal)
This special I.P.A. is a first for Half Moon. Lactose, vanilla and a boatload of tropical fruit make this I.P.A. rich and creamy smooth with an island vibe and hoppy finish.
ABV=6.0%         IBU=63            O.G.=1.0.57
Grapefruit I.P.A. (Seasonal)
This is our Hop Hugger I.P.A. infused with grapefruit. It’s a perfect blend of citrus from the fruit and citrus from the hops. Nice and juicy!
ABV=7.1%    IBU=70   O.G.=1.066
Easy I.P.A. (Seasonal)
The Easy I.P.A. is a light bodied beer with a solid hop character that you can drink all day. The beer that doesn’t fill you up but has all the flavor you want in an I.P.A. Easy peasy!
ABV=5.75%         IBU=50            O.G.=1.052
Watermelon-Pomegranate Wheat (Seasonal)
This uniquely flavored wheat beer is aged with watermelon and pomegranate. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tart to tickle your taste buds. Cheers!
ABV=4.5%    IBU=13   O.G.=1.040

how we do it

The brewing process starts with crushed malts that are mixed with hot water to steep in the Mash Tun. There the starches in the malts are converted to the right ratio of fermentable to unfermentable sugars by enzymes that naturally occur in the malted grains. The sugars dissolve in the water, and that sweet liquid, called wort, is slowly strained from the Mash Tun into the Kettle leaving the remaining body and husks of the grains behind. In the Kettle, the wort is boiled, and bittering and aromatic herbs called hops are added to achieve the right balance for a specific style of beer.

From the Kettle, the wort is then whirlpooled to separate the solids from the liquid. It is then cooled down using a counter-flow heat exchanger and transferred into a Fermentation Tank. There, the select strain of brewer’s yeast is added and all the magic starts to happen. Fermentation! When using an ale yeast, fermentation takes approximately 2-3 weeks. When using a lager yeast, fermentation takes about 4-6 weeks.

Once fermentation is complete, the beer is ready to drink. It gets transferred to a serving tank and is dispensed from the taps in our beautiful bar room for all to enjoy.


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